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How We Will Work Together


Perhaps you have a great passion for success and self-realization, in a world where material successes are overwhelmed, and of course you have the right to do so.

Perhaps you have read a lot and learned about philosophies of success and personal development, such as the law of attraction, and programming your subconscious mind to success.

You buy a book and read and apply it but do not continue

or you only read it without an application

or perhaps you do not read it in the first place

and its fate becomes like the fate of others like it

from books on the shelf of your library !

You join workshops , masterminds and courses

learn a lot of information about how to achieve what you want

 hear motivational lessons for the best teachers

learn to plan for your future and you probably  take a little action

 and suddenly you stop and sabotage your small success ! 



At the end , neither success, nor happiness, nor satisfaction ,, but only frustration .


The reality becomes more complex when the many information you read about success turns into a constraint that captures you and a real obstacle on your path to success.


And the issue becomes more complicated when what you considered  as a wealth of powerful information  leads you to great dispersion .


and your  desire for  living a good life turned to a desire of reaching perfection in studying the best and most effective way to achieve what you want from life .

Thinking that learning about success is the only path to success, and learning about happiness is the only way

For happiness

Let me ask you


Didn't you notice that many of those who achieved success


  did not read what you read?!

Do you see that there is a difference between

a person learning about success and learning about success?

Learning is very necessary, and self-development is critical

for your progress, so do not ever misunderstand me

but the most important learning is  to learn  and discover your very unique self

 your unique needs and your own methods of success, and the easiest ways  for you that no one  shares with you.

This will only happen if you have a thinking partner, a partner who helps you to raise your awareness to the point that makes you ascertain your true needs, who you are and who you are not, and what is the appropriate next step for you.

Someone who came exactly where you came from, a specialist and carefully trained person who helps you create balance in your life right now, discover and use the valuable and unaware knowledge about  yourself ,, that state of balance makes you really see what you haven't seen before and it helps you re-evaluate what you learned about success and choosewhat is  really useful for you to apply it without hesitation . 



so if  you decided to work with me 



It's an honor to be your coach and I look forward to working with you.

The relationship between a coach and client is Co-Creative, meaning that we are equals and both have an active role.  I am a trained certified coach using honed communication skills , strategic planning skills  and psychology knowledge  to support you as a detached thinking partner to achieve whatever you choose . Together we create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals.


The Roles of Coach and Client

As I mentioned before, I am a trained, certified Life Coach

not a licensed therapist, and I do not attempt to provide

diagnosis or treatment.  If you have agenda issues which I see 

that are beyond the scope of a coach I will suggest

that  you talk to your family doctor for referral to another professional.

 The relationship between coach and client is one of peers. 

Our coaching sessions are always

about the issues you want to discuss. 

I will listen, reflect, ask questions, give my perspectives and offer options. 

I will support you, believe in you, and celebrate you.

I will not fix your problems or tell you what to do.


I am a person of integrity, and will keep all of our conversations and correspondences confidential.  I believe in accountability for our decisions and actions and their consequences.  I will tell you what I want for you, based on what you tell me and on the potential I see in you.  Ultimately, I believe that you are the only one who knows what is best for you, and I will not try to manipulate you or influence you to do anything you do not want to do.


As my client, I ask you to attend our sessions fully prepared: focused on your agenda issues/concerns; ready to discuss meaningful matters of the heart and emotions; committed to being truthful; accepting of accountability (not blaming or judging); open to stretching yourself and expanding your comfort zones; and willing to find success in effort, not only attached to outcome.  I pledge to do the same.


Expecting the Best

 you hired me because you expect that I am the best person to help you create the future you want for yourself.  Conversely, I imagine that you will do all you can to make meaningful changes inside and out.


I Am Here For You

Our relationship is a very important for me, and I want you to use me as a resource and supporter 

I will be as excited and committed to your goals as you are.


Extra Time

Between sessions, if you need to ask questions, talk, or bounce some ideas around, please e-mail me.  I do not bill for this time. If you need to talk, I will keep calls to 15 minutes maximum, and keep them limited to a reasonable number.

  You can e-mail me as often as you’d like.



Our communications will be honest and non-judgmental, based on trust.  I want you to share with me what works well about your coaching experience and what does not.  I am committed to serving you to the best of my ability, and ensuring that you get the most from your investment in time, energy, and money.

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