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What is life harmonizer coaching ?

Coaching in life harmonizer uses the philosophy of somatic thinking as a coaching approach can be so effective when it comes to expanding the human awareness to grow beyond any limitations . in order to discover the true needs , goals and the most effective ways to achieve it based on the inner wisdom of the consumer regardless the knowledge he think he need to gain from outside world . Through my academic studies and my practice of coaching with more than one methodology approved by the International Coaching Federation, I can guarantee you the results of coaching with the methodology of somatic thinking, as it has already become a part of my lifestyle, to the point that I offer my clients the possibility of refunding full paid amounts for my sessions with ease, If the client does not achieve a shift in his awareness that enables him to achieve real progress in his life. On the other hand, in terms of specialization, coaching has been allocated in life harmonizer coaching in order to help a specific segment of consumers. And those who suffer from confusion and distraction because of the rain of information presented to them on the Internet and everywhere, in the field of awareness and personal development. I also work with all types of consumers and clients with different behavioral patterns and different goals. The coaching methodology that I work with helps the consumer to exceed even the limits of his goal, but I specialize with these particular case because one day I was one of them . I was one of the victims of learning obsession with self-help information, training courses, books and lecturers shown to people that may or may not be right for them. I tasted bitterness to spend money, time and efforts learn everything i can find in self-development in order to achieve what i want in life , but i was searching in the wrong place , i tried to find solutions outside me ! Now finally, I am so grateful for God, that I understood through my study and practice of coaching that the most important learning is that the person learns himself!

I realized that the idea of generalization that says all self help phylosophies are suitable for everyone, and that we are all the same, is an illusion , as each of us has a unique world within that differs in our different concepts, beliefs , experiences and the way we interact with life, that is what I also realized through my coaching sessions with my clients . I realized that the most effective way for achieving progress in lives is expanding self awareness , A person’s awareness will not expand until he realizes himself, and to realize himself he needs a clear mirror free from judgments, full of compassionate responses and profound listening, a mirror enables him to see himself clearly, and that mirror is the role that I do during coaching sessions in Life Harmonizer coaching .

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