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What is somatic thinking coaching school ?

Updated: May 17, 2022

The birth of Somatic Thinking

As it was explained by the founder MCC Samer Hassan

Somatic Thinking was born from the question, “How can I create space for people to experience presence by design?”. Leveraging my 30+ years of martial and healing arts experience as well as 15+ years of coaching individuals and groups on four continents in three languages, I felt empowered to build a shortcut to presence. I designed Somatic Thinking as a philosophy and coaching methodology with the sole purpose to create space for people to experience the state of presence and adopt it as their predominant state of being in the world.

The philosophy in the name

The first part of Somatic Thinking is the word ‘somatic’ originates from the Greek ‘soma’ meaning the body. A human being is a meaning-making creature that interacts with life, through a physical form that is called the body (Gendlin, 2003). Life is a physical experience, a world that is rich with sensory information (Gendlin, 2003). It offers us energies that stimulate the senses of our body, which is capable of sending and receiving sensory information. Once our mind perceives the stimuli, we interpret the sensory information giving it some meaning, forming ideas, making decisions and then acting. In brief, the body shapes the mind (Pfeifer, R., & Bongard, J. C., 2007)

The second part ‘Thinking’ is the ability to use the mind to consider something. ‘Somatic Thinking’ as a concept helped me describe the partnership between the body and the mind when experiencing life, which is widely known as embodied cognition (Mahon, B. Z., & Caramazza, A. , 2008) and recognized in coaching through the embodied perspectives of physicality in coaching (e.g., (Jackson, 2017)).

Somatic Thinking is defined

It is “Experiencing life in partnership with the body for presence and holistic awareness, making fulfilment and ease the prevalent state of being”.

As this methodology is one of strongest coaching schools and methodologies in the world, with the highest accreditation of international coaching Federation ICF.The founder of the coaching methodology / Samer Hassan MCC was honored by the International Coaching Federation and was awarded the Leadership Medal as one of the best influential leaders in the field of coaching in the world, in addition to being the first Arabic coach to obtain a master certified coach MCC in coaching worldwide!

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