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How will we work together in our Coaching sessions?

I offer individual coaching sessions to you via Zoom platform , all you have to do is attending the session with me on time after booking , choose a quiet place free from interruptions, and make sure that you have a good quality of Internet connection , and expect to ask you to open the camera of your device to allow me see you and you see me , perhaps during the sessions we need to do together one of somatic thinking easy exercises that have a strong influence on expanding your awareness .

Remember that you need to come your session with an agenda , a goal to work on with me . It is not necessary that the goal be very clear in front of you, but it is sufficient for it to be a real goal or a true need for you.

During the coaching session, I will listen to you deeply and respond to you with compassionate responses free of judgments. I will respond to you with a strong presence and create a very safe space for you, where you can open your heart, express your thoughts and feelings with a complete honesty with yourself , in order to maximize the benefits of our coaching sessions .

Try now, book a discovery coaching session for free, to test coaching and make sure that I am the right coach for you.

Book your discovery session now

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